Malaysian EduTech company joins forces with Thai Health Ministry to promote language and health literacy.


“Bringing Stories to Life” campaign aims to enhance Thai language and health literacy across Thailand and globally.


BANGKOK, 16 August 2022 – Sook Enterprise (a unit of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation) and Me Books launched Bringing Stories to Life, a collaborative campaign to promote the importance of reading and to support the development of children’s literacy skills. The launch of this campaign also births the first collaboration between a Malaysian EduTech company and the Thailand government who both have the common objectives of: Edutainment, Equal Education, Mix Media and Family Engagement. ‘Bringing Stories to Life’ is a collaboration that combines carefully curated content by Thai authors and illustrators with Me Books’ innovative technology. This content includes storybooks highlighting health literacy and a 30-book graded reading series, Thai Reading Tree, that aids Thai language learning.

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Thai Health) is an autonomous government agency that positions itself as a catalyst to inspire, motivate, coordinate and empower individuals and organisations in all sectors for the enhancement of health promotive capability as well as healthy society and environment to support the health promotion movement in Thailand. Dr Supreda Adulyanon, CEO of ThaiHealth said: “Reading is a powerful tool to be leveraged, in an aim to enhance health literacy among the younger generations”. This campaign advocates the importance of empowering young children with resources that promote healthy living across all aspects of life.

Me Books creates a new exciting and engaging reading experience for kids – from the page to the screen. Bringing stories to life by digitization with read-aloud audio and sound effects as well as enabling children to make the stories their own with a patented ‘Draw and Narrate’ feature. Phaswan (Anne) Sangasubana, Director of Sook Enterprise said: “Reading has a tremendous impact on a child’s cognitive development and is the foundation for future learning. All kids love reading and it’s an easy and fun way to spark their imaginations and develop their Thai language skills from an early age”. Reading opens possibilities and makes dreams more of a reality. It creates confidence. But reading is hard without access to books. Through digitization and Me Books’ technology, health and language literacy is not only more engaging but also provides an accessible and affordable way of spreading these resources across Thailand and globally.

In 2023, Sook and Me Books will expand this collaboration and continue to connect with the larger population of Thailand by working together on creating localised content. This next step of the collaboration will provide opportunities for Thai talent (i.e. authors and illustrators) to contribute to the literacy development of Thailand. Hao Jin, Founder of Me Books said: “Supporting and empowering local talent is of utmost importance. Local art helps foster a sense of cultural identity. When individuals see themselves reflected in local art, it cultivates a sense of respect for both self and place. That sense of belonging is a powerful thing.”

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