Do you want your baby to grow up with quality?…..Learn to send out love. life force to the development of the baby

The results showed that 66.3 percent of the children had a developmental delay, 33.7 percent had suspected delayed development, and 36.6% had suspected delayed development in language.  Consisting of the situation of early childhood development in Thailand remains stable. tends to decrease and the rate is lower than the World Health Organization statistics. which children from birth to 5 years of age are the age that is important in life It is a period of rapid growth and development. Both physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, especially the nervous system and brain are the most learning phases. Promoting the proper growth and development of early childhood children will lead to good physical and mental health have intellectual skills Learning Skills, Social Skills and Life Skills (Source: A Study of Factors Affecting the Development of Thai Early Childhood Children, Health Area 8) 

To help parents promote the development and learning of their children completely and appropriately. Happiness Business Center SOOKEnterprise therefore organized activities “Export love life force to the development of a child”, with honor from Dr. Teepathat Chunhasawasdikul (Mor Pong), 1st Vice President of the Thai Philosophical Physicians Association Become a lecturer about health care and internal organs that affect the development of children. with a 7-step learning process through the creation of life energy from within (7 Life Processes).   0-7 years because it is the age when humans develop the brain the most. We should encourage children to use their life force to develop in this area that is the foundation for future learning. rather than focusing on intensive education since kindergarten Parents and guardians can promote the brain development of their little ones by learning through play from doing housework, kitchen work, and gardening. It’s not difficult for children 7-14 years old. ups and downs and has a rather flashy emotion Since the lungs and heart are greatly enlarged and their potential increases during this period, take good care of your breathing. including being able to do art And aesthetic activities with children will help build the basis for a more stable emotional balance. The last is the period of adolescence between 14-21 years of age, when children stretch. has a physical appearance closer to that of an adult due to the stretching of the bones of the limbs and joints The energy metabolism system is working at full capacity. Therefore, parents should encourage their children to exercise. To help promote the body and metabolism to work strong

“Exporting Love” Activity life force Towards the development of the baby” by Dr. Teepathat Chunhasavasdikul (Mor Pong), a guest speaker conveyed the knowledge about the life force building on the development of the baby. Especially for children aged 0-7 years, through making parents and guardians aware of the importance and methods of taking care of internal organs that affect children’s learning through a 2-step process: 1) doing an assessment. Online to explore the life force of the baby and 2) a description of the importance of the 7 organs to create life force, which is summarized as follows.

step  1  : Conducting an online assessment to survey your baby’s vitality, Dr. Pong invites parents and guardians to take part in assessing the tendency toward future habits based on their baby’s behavior and physical symptoms. The online survey asked participants to answer 7 questions for themselves, choosing the answer “yes” or “no” with a question and answer guide to prepare them for babysitting.

Survey link:

step  2  : Describing the importance of organs for building 7 life force before entering the content of the lecture The doctor invites parents and guardians to understand the definition of holistic medicine or anthroposophy, which is the wisdom or understanding of human beings. which according to the perspective of the life of the people in the past People are composed of body (Body), mind (Soul) and spirit (Spirit) or if looking at the new era to be easier. Human beings consist of a body that is comparable to hardware (Hardware), which would not function incompletely without a mind controlled by software (Software), which was invented by Dr. Rudorf. Steiner (Dr. Rudolf Steiner), an Austrian who emphasized the importance of holistic human care if looked more closely. The human body (HumanBody) is made up of 4 elements, namely the earth element, the water element, the wind element, and the fire element, which is the earth element or the physical body (Physical Body) is the part that we can touch the most, such as bones, muscles, skin, etc. Water element. The etheric body, or etheric body, is a function of the cellular level, repair and growth. Represents the ability of life force, the wind element or the wind (Astral Body) observed from the aura of the person. which are related and connected with emotion If the wind element is able to move normally, it is called Motion, but if the wind element is turbulent, it becomes Emotion, such as having abnormal breathing. withered mood The wind blows, etc. Lastly, the fire element or the ego body (Ego Body) is related to the body’s metabolism (Metabolism), which will develop fully during adolescence, noticeable from acne, inflammation, anger, instability, etc. If a child has a lot of element It is able to indicate elementary character traits, each element gradually developing sequentially through a child’s life span. From birth until the age of 21 and begin to step into a more complete adulthood, and of course, if the child is healthy both internally and externally It will help promote the development and learning of children better. which the contents of the activities that have been brought to parents and guardians It is to promote the life-enhancing of the baby by taking care of the 7 life-force organs and learning processes (7 LifeProcesses):

               1. Spleen Organs of Ingestion: Breathing and Openness Process The spleen is the largest lymph node in the body. Located under the left rib cage Has a duty to check for foreign matter entering the body like an immigration checkpoint which in the corner of anthropological medicine The spleen is therefore an organ with respiration or exposure. Therefore, if the spleen is malfunctioning This will result in children becoming more receptive to external learning. By observing your child’s symptoms such as asthma, blemish tongue, etc. The way to take care of this life force is to massage the compress under the left ribcage. with herbal cream extracted from lead or copper It will help adjust the exposure to be more balanced.

               2. Liver Organ of Synthesis: Adaptation and Warming Process The liver is the largest and heaviest organ. in the rib cage on the right side of the body It is responsible for analyzing and rearranging proteins for humans, known as this process. In addition, the liver helps to create a source of iron and reserves the blood for a large amount. thus helping to maintain body temperature and warmth which if the liver is not working properly will affect the processes of the brain resulting in poorly arranging ideas difficult to understand Or maybe even a hallucination The method of treatment that can help is the massage of the liver with bitter herbs. Which in foreign countries often use a herb called Yarrow, which in our home can use bitter gourd to boil water and can be massaged on the liver instead, it will help to focus and organize the thinking

               The gallbladder, the organ of digestion: the life force of the Digestion Process. caused by the synthesis of the liver Has the function of dissolving water and fat together If the gallbladder leaks in the abdomen will cause severe inflammation It is erosive and dissolved. need urgent treatment Therefore, the corner of the anthropological medicine The gallbladder is therefore the life force of digestion and erosion. If this life force is a problem will find that the child has jaundice, yellow eyes not much strength or vice versa If this system works particularly well The child will not be still. fierce The solution that helps is a massage compress on the abdomen. With chelidonium ferro cultum, the herb will help address these symptoms and improve your child’s learning. because the subsystem works well Brain and memory will be good as well.

               4. Blood and Heart The core of ourselves: Absorption and Excretion Process is the process of self formation. This makes the blood qualified to nourish the brain and helps the brain to work well with the circulatory system of the heart. If eating unbalance digestive system problems will make the blood viscosity there is a hot problem because of incomplete excretion of waste Resulting in irritability, overthinking, insomnia, restlessness, nightmares, affecting children’s learning. In this case, besides herbal treatments or vitamins A gentle heart massage can be done manually with lavender oil and rose oil. Bring it with a warm cloth and compress the heart. It helps to warm and calm the mind. Better sleep for teenagers or adults can also help with Heartbreak Syndrome and Depress.

              5. Lymph and lungs Life Force to Nourish Organs: The process of life force supplying food to the body. Process) After the process of absorption and excretion of the body, the next step is to bring blood to nourish the whole body (Nourishment) with the work of the lungs, which is related to the lymphatic system. If lung problems, shortness of breath, easily tired, in the corner of anthropological medicine, it was found that A person whose breathing is not rhythmic, with throbbing breathing, will result in a person who is not flexible. Tends to be someone who likes to be obsessed. The solution is lung compression massage. In Europe, the herb Bryophyllum Mercurio Cultum is used to help clear and relax breathing. The symptoms of repetition will be reduced.

               6. Kidney , organ of light and exposure: the reservoir of life force in the growth process. The kidneys and adrenal glands are responsible for producing both female and male hormones. help build biomolecules It serves to build muscle and strength of the body. It also helps create adrenaline as a backup power source in times of crisis. which when the kidneys are not working properly after too much adrenaline Will result in excited children awake all the time. Or on the other hand, the child will be lethargic, weak, lacking energy. Modern medicine uses a method to increase cortisol (Cortisol) via spray to reduce bronchitis. Various Asthma Symptoms for Anthroposophical Medicine Instead, it helps the kidneys and adrenal glands produce more cortisol. using the technique of kidney compression massage by using ginger wrapped in a thin white cloth and then boiled with steam compress on the back of the waist It will help the airways expand better. Reduce inflammation, asthma, help calm the child. and freshen up

                7. Genitals and the Brain The Deepest Life Force of Organisms: Propagation and Proliferation (Regeneration Process) from the research found that Reproductive tissue contains several times more proteins found in the brain than other organs. Demonstrates that connection between the genitals and the brain. and when human beings grow up and their life force is working to the fullest It has the ability to reproduce (Recreation) and the potential for creativity (Creativity), which is one of the key qualities of human beings in the ability to evolve species to higher potential.

From the activities, it was found that Helping your baby develop better physically and cognitively It is important for internal health care to function normally. for organs to be able to create life force to the fullest It is the basis and important mechanism for the baby to grow both physically and mentally efficiently and creatively.

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