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Know your waistline before it’s too late. Did you know that In addition to body weight, which is an indicator of good health that most people pay attention to. The circumference of the belly or the circumference of the waist It is another important number that can indicate that we are at risk of serious […]

Eat wisely, food is safe, life is safe.

Food hazards are so many, so close and silent all around us that most people are unaware of and neglect to exercise caution when choosing what to eat. thus leading to deteriorating health and diseases that are difficult to find at the root Come to know food safety (food safety), which means food management. and […]

food balance, life balance

I’m fat because I can’t stop eating. My eyes glanced at what was next. I want to eat them all. – Who is in a situation like this song? It’s so hard to control your appetite. Consider switching to balancing techniques for a healthier, more balanced diet. Paying attention to food choices is one of […]